Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump … paranoid delusion

Yesterday, 17 February 2017,  mankind was treated to a Presidential press conference that turned out to be a bizarre irrational soliloquy of self-aggrandizement, aggression. petulance and grandiose lies in a context of paranoid delusion.
The man is delusional. He is paranoid. He has a disassociated appreciation of reality. His self-image is grandiose. He sees himself as being systemically targeted victim on account of his greatness. The ululating crowds that attended his campaign rallies have served as an opium on which he is still addicted. So too as regards his election win. He needs to gratuitously dredge these up to counter very deep seated feelings of insecurity.
Stark proof of all this was served up with blinding clarity starting with his claim that his performance in the first three weeks as President equated to that of a “finely tuned machine”. The reality is that history has not witnessed a more tempestuous, chaotic period for any President. it could not have been more shambolic.
That reality includes the fact that his post-election popularity nosedived faster than any other President in history, starting with millions of womenfolk staging demonstrations across the planet on the day after his inauguration, with Madonna telling him publicly to "fuck off".
When caught out in a grandiose lie that he had secured by far the most Electoral College votes, he resorted to flippant deflection, as was the case with the central issue of what was the truth regarding General Mike Flynn being fired as Chief Security Advisor. Despite the session lasting some 70 minutes this issue of national importance remained as clear as mud.
He deflected this important issue to an obsession as to who "leaked" the information on the Flynn-Russian shenanigans.
Instead of treating the nation to a clear explanation on the Flynn saga he went on an accusatory rant about the media, “fake news” and about leakages regarding classified information. According to him all mainstream media is capriciously victimizing him as Americans, meaning his supporters, are being victimized by just about the whole world.
This virulent attack onthe media, that he is now repeating at every opportunity, is to distract everyone from the fact that he was involved with Flynn and is scapegoating the poor bugger, and to lay the groundwork for a vain attempt later to introduce anti media laws, as he promised during his campaign.
Whatever residual doubts there might have been about all this they were emphatically removed when he brazenly claimed that his executive order, known as “the immigration ban”, was implemented with extreme "smoothness", with only a Court order having been a problem. Even senior members of his own party have repeatedly confirmed that the rolling out of that executive order was so chaotic as to be complete proof of gross incompetence.
The whole world was treated to miles and miles of video and audio footage displaying confusion, chaos, trauma and human suffering at a most alarming scale on account of the attempted execution of his executive order.
This man is suffering from a bad psychotic condition. He is emotionally stunted. He is arrogant in the extreme. He has a grandiose self-image. His personal ethos is one of extreme disrespect and/or contempt for everybody and anybody. He is extremely narcissistic. Bravado, bluster and bull crap are his currencies to mask deep seated insecurity. He is a pathological liar. He is incompetent with no sense of accountability. Irrationality is deeply embedded. He is delusional.
As a King Baby, he is dangerous at any number of levels.
“A person who has King Baby syndrome is typically selfish, rejects criticism, complains, is obsessed with money and belongings and doesn't feel like rules should apply to him. In short, he is someone who refuses to mature.” […/king-baby-syndrome-97f93b414137…]
And yes, he does have an unresolved issue as regards Hilary Rodman Clinton. She still has power over him despite, and because of, the election result. It is eating him up that she won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.
This will not go away.

PS: link to the event ==…/donald-trump-press-conference-tra…

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Come out of the cave .....

From a near lifetime of conversations and, especially as regards social media, it has always been a source of great frustration that so many people end a debate as they started it, i.e., each side firmly locked in to their particular stance.
This occurs whatever the hard facts and evidence that has emerged in the debate. Blindingly obvious truth is simply ignored. Great pride is taken in being able to remain unmoved and as stubborn as the dumbest donkey on the planet. Stubborn pigheadedness is seen as a virtue.
The source of the virtue is typically religion, culture or political ideology. As regards political ideology the Trump camp has even advanced the novel concept of “alternative facts”.
We also put ourselves and our opponents in “boxes”. So we have a White box, a Black box, A Muslim box, a Christian box ... etc. We jump into our box, stay there and keep others in their boxes, come hell or rain ... lol.
To explain why this is so we need to go back in time. Whether you are a “creationist” (believe in the Bible and Adam and Eve) or an “evolutionist” (an avid student of Charles Darwin) the reality is that we all reached a stage where we found ourselves in a cave. We were there in family groupings, huddled together riddled with apprehension, confusion, ignorance, bemusement, superstition and supposition about the world outside, with all its wonders including other creatures that were in competition with us. This competition included us being on their menu as much as some of them were on our menu. Those were very, very dangerous times and survival demanded that we acted with unbending loyalty to our grouping in every respect.
Everything we knew was handed down to us by our elders. They themselves had been recipients of such knowledge from their elders. In this way the collective knowledge of our group was seen and accepted as the guarantee of our survival. Not deviating from this body of collective knowledge was therefore undoubtedly the greatest of virtues.
Despite this however, we know beyond any doubt whatsoever that deviations did occur. Feel free to imagine that one day a member of the cave dwellers brought home some embers from a forest fire, started by lightning, and decided to “cook” the evening meal instead of eating it raw. Then another member found a way to extract iron from rock and make better arrow heads. At each stage that a member of our species deviated from the status quo, and tried something new, something different, we advanced as a species.
No change for the better could/would have ever occurred if some of our forebears had not broken ranks, questioned the status quo and tried something new and different. In the end we advanced from being primitive cave dwellers to a species that put men on the moon.
It was not an easy journey. Change was always resisted, strongly resisted. That is why great minds like Socrates and Aristotle were persecuted and even executed for daring to question the status quo and insisting that what had been learnt and handed down before was wrong. It is a truism that whether it be religion, culture, political ideology or any other body of knowledge or belief, it was all conceived, formulated and expressed at a time when man, as a species, was more primitive and less informed than he is now. For this reason alone there can be no sentient reason why they cannot be examined, questioned and reviewed for validity. Even a donkey will deviate from the path you have trained it to take to its food stall if it sees better food somewhere else.
Understand that your current body of knowledge is a cave that you are in that is not of your making. It was all handed down to you by others who had less opportunity and information than you have to know and understand. So we really do need to be able to have open minds that are receptive to questioning everything, even our most cherished beliefs and convictions. Is this not obvious?
After all we once believed in witchcraft. We believed that the world was flat. Before 1948 we had no concept of human rights. Slavery was normal. Gender inequality was normal. Might was right. Colonialism was normal. So will you please accept this invitation to come out of your religious cave, your cultural cave, your political cave (box). It is dark in there. Expose yourself to that which is new and different. Be hungry about facts. Be greedy about evidence. Be skeptical, even loathsome, about opinions.
So in debate always ask yourself these questions. Am I ignoring facts? Am I ignoring evidence.? Is my stance steeped in belief, dogma or ideology? Am I being stubborn?
We all need to think more and believe less. A mind that is incapable of change is incapable of improvement. It cannot change if it remains ensconced in the cave of the past.
Yes your cave/box makes you feel save. But know this. That cave/box is a prison. It is the prison of ignorance. It limits you as a human being.
There is just no other way that you can advance as a member of the species known as homo sapiens.


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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Zimbabwe ... our heestoree

We Zimboons have all kinds of complaints about the White man, real and imagined. It is as if the White man thundered in, driving armoured cars, and robbed us of everything good. We imagine that this is the reason why we do not have a fancy house, a car, an ipod, lots of cash ... etc.
So here I want to put the record straight ... by taking an honest look back at our history.
The maBreeteesh (British) are the ones that colonized us. They traveled by ship from England to Cape Town. It was a very nasty journey that lasted 3+ months in stinky, rat infested mouldy wooden ships. Some ships did not make it and the bones of the occupants are forever lying in the sands of the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. I have been there. They were also prone to suffering from scurvy, a really nasty disease caused by a lack of vitamin C.
At Cape Town, they did not jump onto the Blue Train and trundle up to Zimbabwe feasting on the best of food and wine. They had to jump into ox wagons. There were no ox wagons in England. For months thereafter these creaking, swaying, bumpy monsters would be their home, day and night.
Africa was very different from their home country of hills, dales, brooks and a serene rolling countryside full of bunny rabbits and nothing more fearsome than a fox. Here they had to contend with bush, full of thorn trees, rolling scrub, flooded rivers, mountains through which they had to carve treacherous passes with men and the pulling oxen dying in the process.
The bunny rabbits and foxes of home were replaced by fearsome creatures such as lion, buffalo, snakes, scorpions, rhino, leopard, elephant and hyena that would collect a baby in the blink of an eye. They were assailed by hordes of insects that bit and stung at every point day and night, with the king of all being the mosquito that took so many lives by way of malaria and black water fever. Three out of four babies died. They had no immunity to tropical diseases such as dysentery.
Worst of all was this little creepy crawly known as nyokamafazi (Centipede in the pic above). When it bit a man he turned into a woman. Can you imagine how horrifying that was?
When they arrived here they were welcomed at first. But there was a problem. Our girls were topless, with their bosoms standing proud in the African sun, defying gravity. This did not go down well with the maBreeteesh ladies whose bosoms were all saggy from all the traveling and being propped up by whale bone bodices.
It got worse as our men had their loins covered only by amaBetchu. i’betchu (loin flap) leaves a lot that can still be seen. It is now called “too much information”. The maBreeteesh men did not like their women being exposed to this. As much as the maBreeteesh women were told to avert their eyes, bibles in hand, Africa’s manhood was on display.
There was bound to be trouble ... and sure enough there was a lot of trouble. One side cocked their guns. The other side raised their spears. They had a fight and then more. These were called the “Pioneer Wars”. I think the name should be changed to the “AmaBetchu Wars”.
We lost these wars because, as my Gogo’s people explained, the maBreeteesh had isgwagwagwa, the Maxim Machine Gun that mowed them down like flies. “Isgwagwagwa” was the sound it made when fired. They were adamant that if the maBreeteesh had not had this terrible gun we would not have lost. They were proud to recount how, under Mzilikazi, they had successfully invaded and conquered the same region without isgwagwagwa.
So the maBreetesh were not the first colonizers. My Gogo’s people were. But we don’t speak about this.
Alas the maBreeteesh won and we were colonized.
As more maBreeteesh arrived the first indigenous words they learnt was “lala pansi”. This was because, being very tired after their long trek from Cape Town, they were told to lala pansi, i.e. to lie down and have a good rest. So naturally they also used these words. With both sides going “lala pansi … lala pansi” it was not too long before the first brown baby was born … and we makarhaadiis (Coloureds) came into existence. To this day the place of this momentous event is called Lalapanzi.
I admire the amaBreeteesh for their courage, fortitude and resilience. I admire our people for having fought so valiantly.
But I am glad the maBreeteesh came.
If they had not come I would not be here.
If they had not come we would still be in the iron age.
The White man, standing in front of you is not the reason why you do not have a fancy house, a car, lots of cash, an ipod, watch … etc. He did not take these things from you. We did not have any of this. We did not even have the wheel.
What the maBreeteesh took was the country. We got it back on 18 April 1980.
Now what have we been doing with it???

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