Monday, April 29, 2013

WTF South Africa?. What are you trying to do to Coloured folk?

Yes, this title is crude and obscene.  However that it exactly the point that South Africa has arrived at, with eyes wide shut.
A Superior Court is being asked to sanction a situation where, by law, Coloured folk in the Western Cape will be compelled to uproot themselves from a land that they have occupied for centuries and migrate.
This will be the inevitable result of employers being forced to retrench them from employment and thereafter deny them employment.  A previous estimate put the number at in excess of one million Coloured workers that will be affected.
The above will be the necessary and inevitable consequence of Court’s decision should the Court rule in favour of the Government’s case. The case involves 10 Coloured officers who have been deliberately discriminated against and denied promotion in the Correctional Services Department on the basis of their ethnicity. See ---
They were passed over with Black officers, junior to them, promoted instead.
In simple terms Government argues that such discrimination is justified under the Employment Equity Act because it is “equitable” that the numerical dominance that Black folk have countrywide must also be reflected in the workplace in the Western Cape, even though Coloured folk comprise 56% of the populace in that Province, with Black folk comprising 26%.
As said, if government wins, over one million Coloured families stand to experience the trauma of being divested of an income and being forced to uproot and migrate to other provinces as economic refugees seeking sanctuary, sustenance and security as human beings. 
In effect the ANC government now wants to achieve the result that
was previously spearheaded by its then spokesman Jimmy Manyi in contending that Coloured folk were "over represented" in the Western Cape and needed to migrate. On that occasion the ANC government was shamed into abandoning a Bill that it had signed off on that would have forced this result.
It is quite difficult to imagine anything more racist, immoral and absurd. It is obscene and vomitus that a government can be asking a Court to do this to its own people. It is even more vomitus that South African society is acquiescing, conniving and colluding at this obscene and tragic pantomime, playing out before its eyes and under its nose.
Apart from bereavement  relocation is the most traumatic experience that a person can be subjected to. Forced relocation must be categorized as cruel, inhuman and degrading
However all this appears to be lost on a South African populace that is now so cowed and demoralized that the most grotesque abnormality is simply accepted as 'normal". 
No one seems to see or realize the very obvious point that any system that subjects human beings to such treatment must be defined as a system of persecution and ethnic victimization for the simple but good reason that it is only that grouping that is being visited with such hardship and oppression. The stance by government violates the most basic  tenets  of social  justice  and human rights.
So we have a situation where a society that came through one of the most pernicious and evil social systems that the World has ever experienced, known as apartheid, is now itself involved in attempting to perpetrate similar evil on an ethnic minority comprising its own people.  The majority seeks to subject a minority to a new brand of tyranny, the tyranny of the majority.
The majority is now claiming that it must be so dominant as to force the uprooting and migration of a minority so that it can, for the first time in history, claim the space occupied by that minority. The trauma of job loss, loss of homes and security, loss of dignity, the extreme trauma of relocation … are all irrelevant to the majority.
What is particular obscene is the fact that Coloured folk are actually the only direct descendants of the original inhabitants of the Western Cape, being the KhoiSan, who were cruelly and forcibly dispossessed of this land during colonial times. Concomitantly the Black Nguni groupings have never had any occupational or possessive claims on this region historically. But now, by some stinky skewed logic they have.
At a stroke Coloured folk are to be stripped of their homeland and forced to move elsewhere ... because they are not Black. At a stroke Black folk will acquire what was never theirs … because they are Black. 
WTF! WTF! WTF! There is simply no other way of putting it, given its absolutely vile implications and consequences.
It is incomprehensible to think that a Counsel are robed and appearing before a Court of "Justice" arguing such aberrant nonsense. It is mind boggling! 

It gives me no pleasure to say “I told you so”. What is happening is an inevitable and predictable consequence of South Africa’s racist, immoral and absurd Affirmative Action transformation model that I have submitted yearly appeals on to all media and opinion makers in this country. See --- . I predicted that evil would beget evil.
In particular it should be noted that the contention by the ANC government is not that the Black officers are any better than the Coloured officers, or even that they are disadvantaged. The contention is that they are "black".
The contention against the Coloured officers is not that they do not merit promotion. It is that they are "not black".
When Alan Paton penned his iconic novel "Cry The Beloved Country" we can be sure that he could not have anticipated that the country would be in the throes of shedding such grotesque tears 18 years after independence that was won at such terrible cost.
In his famous "never again" speech Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela straddled the whole World as a moral giant and gave the guarantee that never again would one race  or ethnic group oppress another in South Africa.
To day, we see the ANC government passionately advocating persecution and oppression.
However, as a Judge, I have every faith that the Superior Courts will NOT sanction this new racist madness.
Even if the government is right in its interpretation of the Employment Equity Act, it means that that Act must be struck down by the Constitutional Court for being unconstitutional.

Order ---

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