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Rhodesians-Worldwide --- pitiful

This site is postured as being for Rhodesians to share their memories, thoughts and anything of interest.
By pure accident of birth I was born a Rhodesian and spent nearly 40 years of my life there.
Like any other country Rhodesia was an admixture of good, bad and ugly.

So all our memories are infused with this admixture of good, bad and ugly, as much as the specific details may vary from individual to individual.
It naturally follows therefore that when members discuss their memories we should see that admixture of the good, the bad and the ugly in varying degrees of balance at times.We should also expect to see debate, agreement, disagreement, even robust disagreement on aspects of claimed facts and circumstances.That is how humans behave. They agree. They disagree. They agree to disagree.

However if they are civilized, sentient and tolerant, they do this in a climate of mutual respect.What they do not do is to take virulent exception to that which they do not agree with, to the extent of then mounting a highly personalized attack and imputing bad motives to others in a way that is insulting and vilifying.

What they also do not do is to disentitle others from including the bad and/or ugly in a post about their memories.Good, bad and ugly were the reality and they occupy the same space in our psyche. They are inseparable. They make up who we are as human beings.

The reality here however is that we have what can only be described as a minority “vigilante” group, on the site, who take every opportunity to immediately go into attack mode, with insult, abuse and vilification if one dares include any bad and/or ugly in one’s memories, even if the post is receiving substantial appreciation in terms of “likes” clicked by others.

This morning the site administrator, Chris Whitehead, expelled me from the group.The reason was simply that I had challenged him to copy and paste just one comment by me that could be said to be “anti-White”, “racist” and/or objectionable in any way. Having failed to do this for some 12 hours he resorted to the bully boy solution of expelling me from the group.

This is the 5th Rhodie site from which I have had to leave.In each case the reason was very, very simple.The minority of vigilantes in the group ensured that I was hounded out.

Now that is exactly how Rhodesia was some 40 years ago. A rabid racist minority secured dominance over the White majority, many of whom were confused, concerned and ambivalent about embracing democracy for understandable reasons given the performance of African democracies at that time.However the real and imaginary fears of accepting democracy, equality, tolerance, acceptance of difference and diversity are long gone. But it is clear that they linger on in the hearts and minds of these rabid Rhodies.They are trapped in a time warp. They have been unable to step out of their Ian Smith contrived cocoon of ignorance, driven by fear. They are vainly perpetuating their unreal world of inequality and false privilege (a not too dissimilar malady now infects Trump supporters in the USA).

What they especially don't understand is that their hero Ian Smith was a racist hypocrite in that he actually fought in the 2nd World War to stop the 3rd Reich from denying his own people the very thing that he was denying the people of then Rhodesia, i.e, the right to choose a government of their choice.Ignorance drives them. Bigotry is their culture and mode. They imagine that Rhodesia was Xmas for all and that Ian Smith was some sort of Father Xmas .. lol .. lol. 

They don't realize that Ian Smith did not create the "good" that was part of Rhodesia. He inherited it and did NO good whatsoever, only bad, very very bad.  He turned Rhodesia into a pariah State, by declaring UDI, (right pic)  and plunged it into a bloody war from which it has never recovered.

These poor Rhodies are to be pitied. Really. 

PS: In May 2014 a lady named Suzan Bondi queried why I had been banned/expelled from the site. Being unable to explain or proffer any valid reason Chris Whitehead then expelled her from the site without setting out any reason. Suzan had taken a stance during the course of a debate on the sacred right of free speech. She was treated to a fascist reaction. Whitehead, in effect, had no option if he was to pander to the sad lot of racists that control that site.

PPS: I would encourage Rhodesians to join Zimbabwe, Rhodesia Worldwide.There they will find Rhodesians and Zimbabweans who understand that we are all equal, 

PPPS:  In early May 2015 I was expelled without warning from another Rhodie site titled "Born in Rhodesia".
This was done even though the majority of members were appreciative of my posts.The problem was my contention that Rhodesia also had bad and ugly and that I did not share their naive love of I D Smith.
The Adminstrators of this site (
Roland John Mauseth) are the same lot that belong to a blog site titled "Rhodesians Worldwide" []  that propagates fanciful nonsense about the past that they cling to in their bigoted ignorance.

because we always were.
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