Sunday, July 15, 2018

Betraying our people of Zimbabwe

The 14th July 2017 was a very auspicious day for me.
It was when I met one of those incredible human beings who simply refuses to succumb to inhumanity, cruelty, persecution and to all those pernicious ways that those with power treat the powerless and ultimately render them homeless.
He is sitting next to me in this picture taken outside the Holy Trinity Church in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.
He is Bishop 
Paul Verryn. He is sitting next to a bronze figure of “Homeless Jesus”, lying on a nondescript bench as his home, covered only by a theadbare blanket.
Please be reminded that it is this human being that opened the doors of his Church to provide sanctuary, safety, sustenance, comfort and love … love … love to our brothers and sisters who had been rendered homeless by a diabolical oppressor in whose grip was/is our Zimbabwe.
For this Paul, it is what he insisted I call him, was vilified, threatened and persecuted by local politicians, staunch supporters of the corrupt Robert Mugabe regime of systemic terror and violence.
In my extraordinary life I have met “important” people such as Julius Nenyere, Samora Machel, Robert Mugabe, the Chief Justice of New South Wales and others. None of these meetings moved me as this meeting, because Paul is a man who is powerful of spirit, and is “extraordinary” despite being “ordinary”. He epitomizes that fundamental exhortation that He gave the world … “Love thy neighbour as yourself and do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
We spent the rest of the day listening to stories, evidence and submissions from some of the oppressed … some of the refugees … some of the tormented … some of the now “homeless” from our beloved country, Zimbabwe.
I have spent most of my life in the Courts of law and justice listening to stories of human suffering.
Here I was feeling like starting a swim in a beautiful pool, then being pulled under by some unseen force …
walking in a beautiful forest, then struggling to avoid sinking into quicksand …
looking at a beautiful painting, only to see it start to smudge and crack …
climbing up a beautiful mountain, only to feel it start to wobble and break up …
sitting down to a mouthwatering meal, only to see it turn into dog’s vomit …
holding a beautiful baby, only to see it sprout fangs and blood red eyes …
walking in a beautiful park, only to see it turn to a desert ...
floating on a cloud of happiness, only to see it turn into a bed of thorns ... 

holding a beautiful woman, only to see her turn into Satan himself ... 
I was being shaken, moved and violently disturbed at the very core of my being.
We are all aware of the diabolical machinations of the Mugabe ZANU-PF regime. But when you hear about it from the mouths of those who experienced it … it freezes your brain … chills your heart … suffocates your spirits … in indescribable ways.
Can you even start to imagine what it is like to hear an eyewitness depose to the slaughter of everyone over the age of 18, just because a plastic toy pistol was found in a village ... leaving all the children without parents???

Monday, June 18, 2018

Professors Richard Christie and Dennis Robinson … of Rhodesia – Zimbabwe.

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Today I want to honour these two great Zimbabweans who headed the Law Faculty of the University in my country of birth, Zimbabwe.
The starting point is to recognize that, after two (2) World Wars and the Holocaust, the World signed off on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (“UDHR”) in 1948, except for then South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Russia.
The UDHR gave mankind the sacred concept of there being “Human Rights” for the first time. It was only then that the dogma of all of us being “EQUAL” was adopted.
These concepts were entrenched as being unalienable and fundamental … to replace the previous universal culture of dominance and “might is right” that had spawned much evil, including slavery.
This proposition that “all are equal” is both fundamental and resolutive. Its implications include: –
a) the law confers equal rights on every human, being whatever their race, ethnicity, tribe …
b) and conversely no person can be disadvantaged on account of such differences …
c) laws much be such as to enable humans the right and power to enforce their rights and seek redress for infringement of such rights …
d) by full seamless access to Courts and tribunals that are truly independent and empowered to enforce human rights and force redress
e) with even the lowliest of subjects able to challenge even the President of the country as an equal on any issue
f) and the judgments and orders of the independent Courts fully enforceable.
However, let us all agree that these noble aspirations of law are meaningless, wholly or in part, if ordinary human beings are unable to enforce them. They become a cruel joke if the administration of justice does not guarantee that these rights are enforceable by even the poorest of the poor.
Justice must not be a commodity that is directly accessible in proportion to one’s means.
Justice cannot be available only to the highest bidder.
Again, let us all agree that currently, in this region, justice is all too often a matter of only being available to the highest bidder. The gap between rich and poor, in this region, is just about the highest in the free world.
The legal profession locates within the rich sector and charges accordingly.
Most humans in this region cannot afford a lawyer.
It is that simple.
Professors Christie and Robins were moved to something about this. They set up a “Legal Aid Clinic”. I am so proud to have been involved.
We secured sponsored premises in Jameson Avenue (now Samora Machel Ave) in Salisbury (now Harare).
Just about all lawyers and Advocates signed up. We put them on a roster.
Poor people came to the clinic.
If they did not have means, and had a case, we allocated a law firm from the roster to act for that person free of charge.
If the other side had an Advocate, we allocated an Advocate to our client.
The reason why it was called a “Legal Aid Clinic” was because law students were involved from start to finish.
In this way law students became schooled in the practice of law and justice under supervision, mentorship and tutorship of experienced legal practitioners at every level.
We scored some very impressive victories on behalf of those who would have otherwise been denied justice.
I put this to Namibia, via a publication in "The Patriot" of that country. Apparently it has done nothing about this.
I am now putting it to South Africa.
There is no good reason why this model should not be adopted and implemented in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia … NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER!😨😨
We should actually be ashamed ... ashamed that justice is denied the poor as a matter of routine.🤢😫
How can we crow about our “World-beating Constitution” when its sacred provisions are out of reach for most?.
We need to STOP being HYPOCRITICAL.🤢🤢🤢
We do have a serious problem of justice being denied to so many because they are poor.
Denying it is crass hypocrisy … ignoring it is just as bad.
So can we now PLEASE embrace the Christie/Robinson model of equality under the law?
I am astounded that the so-called Human Rights Commission simply ignores this fundamental defect in our system.
But, in truth, I am not at all surprised.

So PLEASE bombard the HRC with this? 😵🤢

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

If Satan were to appear tomorrow ….?

Humans are inherently susceptible to being fickle, selfish and stupid …
and this has been proved time and time again throughout history.
So it was the majority that screamed “we want Barabbas …” and “crucify Him … crucify Him …”.
It was all of the populace that cheered when Christians were being fed to lions in the Colosseum.
  • Vladimir Putin of Russia enjoys huge popular support despite obvious indications that he is a murderous thug. 
  • Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines also enjoys over 70% popularity despite that fact that he is an admitted murderous thug. 
  • Adolph Hitler rose to an unquestionable level of murderous, despotic, tyrannical power. 
  • So too as regards Idi Amin of Uganda who was receiving standing ovations at the United Nations just

months before he was righty deposed by outside intervention.
  • Robert Mugabe was preferred over a peace-loving man of God, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, even though the people of Zimbabwe knew beyond a shadow of doubt that he was a bloodthirsty killer of note.

AS humans we are a species rightly called homo sapiens as we are gifted with the power of reason. This power of reason has given us ascendency and dominance over all other living species on the planet, even though we are at a physical disadvantage on so many counts.
So we are a pretty smart lot … that, for some capricious reason, are prone to being fickle, selfish and downright stupid from time to time.
On the hard evidence it appears clear that if the Devil were to appear tomorrow he would have any number of followers in no time at all. Proof of this is put beyond all doubt when we see the diabolical actions of the human group now known as ISIS. ISIS comprises humans who imagine that their dastardly wicked actions are actually proof of extreme devoutness. They are simply the worst example of most of us on this planet.

WHY?? Why are we prone to behaving like a rabid pack of hyenas?
I am sure that the answer is hugely complex and would occupy our best psychologists at a symposium lasting forever.
However we do have clear evidence of a principal driver of this phenomenon.
The narratives about Hitler, Amin, Mugabe and gang all have a common theme, i.e., positing other human beings as being “we want Barabbas … “and “crucify Him … crucify Him …”.

➢With Hitler it started off with the Jews being the problem. ➢With Amin it was the Asians. ➢With Mugabe it was Whites and Ndebeles. ➢With Nero it was the Christians.
➢ With Rwanda genocide, it was Hutus against the Tutsis.
Once these humans are identified and posited as a problem for the dominant group our otherwise deeply embedded atavistic tendencies are aroused and assume prominence psychologically. A nativist "us and them” culture surfaces and we go into “pack mode”, with reason being the first casualty. 
Remember that we are “social animals” and all social animals are predisposed to acting as a pack. Acting as a pack is a throwback to our earliest form of existence when this was essential to our survival in a world that held so much terror as we peered at it out of our caves.

So it appears clear that there are leaders who are able to trigger this pack instinct in humans to the extent that their power of reason is submerged.

And, as said, a key to this is identifying and positing other human beings as being a problem, threat, nuisance or sub-human or a combination of one or more of these attributes. For instance, slavery was underpinned by the notion of some of us being sub-human. So too as regards the ISIS concept of others being “infidels”.
There can be no doubt that if Satan were to appear tomorrow he would have any number of followers in no time at all as Christians, in particular, would be targeted just as Jesus Chris was targeted when they screamed “we want Barabbas …crucify Him … crucify Him …”.
So we have to conclude that leaders who advocate division, exclusion, isolationism, dominance, protectionism … and point to “others” as being a problem, threat, nuisance or sub-human … are extremely dangerous.
Such leaders, in effect, promote a kind of ideology referred to as nativist nationalism. 
Can we tick these boxes as regards a country:-
a) labeling Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers;
b) identifying Muslims as being a threat to the whole nation;
c) identifying other countries as overreaching, being unfair and cheating the country;
d) identifying even allies as cheating the country;
e) increasing the size of the already most powerful military forces;
f) having a bond with despotic, tyrannical leaders such as Putin, Duterte and Kim Jong Un.
g) positing immigrants and migrants as vermin, to be kept OUT!!!
Right now the most powerful nation on the planet has this affliction in abundance in the personage of its President, supported not only by those identified as the ALT-RIGHT but regrettably by millions of otherwise normal, sentient, reasonable folk like you and me.

Once we allow ourselves to see certain human beings as "others" we have taken the first but sure steps to evil that includes the brutalization of the apartheid regime in South Africa or Hitler's genocidal Holocaust.

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Hitler had his Nazism.  America now has its Trumpism.

Senator Bob Corker, a Republican, has just issued a statement lamenting the fact that the Republican Party appears to have the attributes of being a "Trump Cult".

PPS: and then we have this ----


I stumbled upon the concept of being "The Other" when I wrote a book about my life story.

Link ===,%20favor%20or%20prejudice.html

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Zimbabwe … Reality Check

At the time Mugabe was deposed there was much discussion as to whether or not his removal was a coup.
I was interviewed by the media sector. My stance was that his removal was not a coup as he was in complete breach of the Constitution. Having long since repudiated his sacred duties to uphold the Constitution, for the benefit of the people, his removal was indicated on the jurisprudential concept of negotorium gestor, i.e., the military acting as an agent of necessity.
I qualified this stance by stating that if it was simply a case of removing the tyrant but not the tyranny then indeed it was a coup d’état.
Now that time has passed we are in a much better position to resolve the question of coup/no coup?
My view, with great respect, is that this was indeed a coup d’état … because it is now obvious that the tyrant’s co-conspirators in the awful business of oppression have no intention of ensuring that our people will be truly free to elect leaders of our choice in the oncoming elections.

There are two (2) reasons on which I base my stance.
1. Failure to reconcile the past by way of a credible Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
2. Excluding Diaspora voters from the vote.

1.       Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).
There is no doubt whatsoever that our people were under oppression … wall-to-wall oppression ... exerted in any number of known and unknown ways.
The known ways include: -
a) Gukurahundi
b) Operation Murambatsvina 
c) Routine election violence and intimidation
d) Routine police brutality
e) Diabolical machinations by Mugabe’s Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), responsible for innumerable disappearances.
f) Brutalization of human beings on the basis of their ethnicity in the so-called “land reform” land grabs with thousands of innocent Zimbabweans of all races deprived of their livelihoods and homes.
g) The persecution and hounding the media, with truth being a serial casualty on all fronts.
h) … [this list is more or less endless]

These known realities, coupled with unknown realities, ensured that our people were deprived of their freedom(s) on all fronts.

Having been deprived of the freedoms they were, in effect, held hostage by the Mugabe-ZANU-PF regime who could not be effectively challenged on account of its culture of brutality.

That is the fundamental reality that must be understood in all its pernicious aspects.
Unless our people are now brought to a point where they truly accept that they are free to challenge, decide and make choices … they are NOT free.
There has to be a process in terms of which the chains of oppression that were embedded in our collective psyche are broken and removed.
Words and promises alone by members of the very same cabal/regime that enchained us can never remove those chains.
There has to be a process in terms of which members of that cabal/regime are held to full account in a way and process that provides the assurance that they are now divested of the naked power to oppress that they previously enjoyed.
That process can only be a credible Truth and Reconciliation Commission granting indemnity in exchange for the WHOLE TRUTH being divulged.
Not only would this process prove that our people are at last rid of oppression, but it would also deliver the precious commodity of closure.

Human beings who have been traumatized and lost loved ones need closure.

For instance, there are families that need closure as regards the disappearance of three members of our Coloured community at the hands of CIO.

Without a TRC our people remain psychologically captive by the ZANU-PF regime.

2.       Diaspora Vote.
An estimated 3,6 million of our people are now scattered all over the planet, having fled ZANU-PF’s reign of terror and oppression.
Leaving was not an act of desertion.
It was not an act of abandonment.
All of us in the Diaspora are, in effect, refugees.
We did not leave in order to give up, abandon, repudiate our rights and interest in our beloved homeland.
We left in order to escape being held captive by Mugabe and his ZANU-PF regime.
We still have a legitimate interest in our homeland and the fate of our kith and kin still entrapped therein.
There is no logical, moral or ethical reason to divest us of that interest by disenfranchising us.
It is blindingly obvious that the reason for this disenfranchisement is a pernicious ploy by the ZANU-PF regime to ensure that the electorate remains captive so as to ensure that its possible removal by democratic process is averted. Blocking out our people in the Diaspora provides added insurance for the ZANU-PF regime.

To simplify something that is psychologically complex -- our people suffer a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, in terms of which they "appreciate" rule by ZANU-PF as "normal", even though it was somewhat diabolical.

We all need to understand, acknowledge and respect the lesson that was Thabo Mbeki's Government of National Unity ("GNU").
The GNU was a capricious model of political expediency designed to prevent accountability and cover up diabolical wrongdoing in the past.
The outcome was continued denial of freedom with an even more emboldened cabal at the top.

3.       The way Forward
Parliament needs to meet to amend the Constitution to postpone the elections so as to ensure the implementation of 1 and 2 above, after which elections can be conducted.

4.       Comment
In the absence of the above the elections can be no more that a lottery in terms of which our people will vote under the psychological burden of carrying the effects of three decades of oppression in the hearts, minds and spirit.
Our leaders who participate in such elections will be acting irresponsibly, on account of self-interest, with a shameful disregard for the pernicious betrayal that will be at play.

5. PS: on 23 June 2018 President Emmerson Mnangagwa narrowly escapes a bomb attempt in which his two Vice Presidents are injured.
This completely vindicates what I have set out above that our people NEED RECONCILIATION with the past.
The bomb attempt is the surest proof that currently there is no such reconciliation.


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Please ... Please ... PLEASE circulate and share this with all political leaders and activists.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Abortion ... a black day for mankind

Ireland has just enthusiastically voted to legalize abortion.
There has been much celebration and general approval by Western media, in particular.

The thing is seen as a "victory for women" ... with the question as to over whom is this "victory being
scored as clear as mud.
It appears that women are being "victorious" over the Roman Catholic Church ... Liberals ...  and even "Neo-Liberals" ... and a host of vaguely defined "anti-feminists".

This change apparently ranks with the triumph achieved by the likes of Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragette movement that got women the right to vote.

What is being neatly brushed aside, ignored, glossed over  ... is that this is really a "victory" over human beings at their most indefensible and vulnerable stage of existence.
Woman is the "victor" and the "fetus" is the "vanquished".

Whichever which way you may want to bake it, the reality of the matter is this change gives a woman the right to extinguish human life, no more, no less ... at her sole discretion and convenience. 

Becoming pregnant is not like stubbing your toe, catching a cold or falling off a bicycle. It is not a matter of "bad luck". It involves purposeful sustained commitment to self-gratification with a reckless disregard for the consequences.
It requires very, very little to ensure that pregnancy is avoided given modern technology.

Conversely, an abortion is not akin to taking aspirin for a headache or sticking ointment and plaster on a bruise.
It involves the destruction of a human being in its early stages of development.
Everything that is needed to ensure the development of a human being is present in the "fetus" .... just as everything that is needed for the development of a human being is present in a two-year-old child.
As is the case with most murders, blood is shed.

So you irresponsibly get yourself pregnant and then kill the baby because its existence is an inconvenience to you?
That is it in a nutshell.

Yes there are situations when, because of a change in circumstances, it is no longer possible for you to guarantee the love, protection and support you responsibly consider should be in place for your infant.
The simple answer to that one is that there is no shortage of very responsible human beings that will take your child in with tears of joy.

There is nothing to celebrate here.
It is a black day for mankind.
You cannot celebrate the wholesale slaughter of human life.

What it proves is that, as a species, there is no end to our capacity for violence, depravity and self-serving conduct ... regardless of the consequences to others, the planet and its creatures.
That is why we are steadily destroying the planet and rendering other species extinct.

We don't care.
We will rationalize, obfuscate, excuse, intellectualize the most crass wrongdoing if it serves our selfish purposes.

"It is my body" I hear you say "and as a man, you have no right to preach to me".It is this claim that underpins all the justification for abortion on demand.

My answer to you is that "since you. as the mother are not protecting this human being growing inside you, who is going to do that"?

If there is a God my prayer is that He/She intervenes on behalf of these little ones as a matter of urgency.
Please .. please God visit this abomination with your righteous wrath?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Syria Air Strikes …. Supreme Buffoonery.

Yes, the allied air strikes (Britain, France and America) were indeed buffoonery because, on a simple sentient analysis of the history and facts, you have to conclude that, when all is said and done, it was worth the candle for Assad.
This is because he actually has lost very little in exchange for having used chemicals to break the back of the freedom fighters and score a decisive victory in defeating the war for liberation.  The “rebels” surrendered within six (6) hours of Assad’s diabolical chemical strike.
Now losing “some” chemical storage sites is a price that he would gladly pay if the clock were reversed. His status as the winner in the war remains completely secure.
You see the primary reason/justification for these allied air strikes is “deterrence”, i.e., it is claimed, with much fanfare, that Assad now stands “deterred” from using chemical weapons again.

It is a sick joke, a VERY sick joke.
The sickness started with Donald Trump’s strike on an unoccupied airstrip, using all of 85 cruise missiles, the last time Assad did this. That was the start of crass buffoonery.
As predicted by most sentient observers, it did not deter Assad from doing it again, if he needed to in order to win. So, he did it again.
Now he does not have to do it again … because he has won.
So, these allied airstrikes have changed nothing, nothing whatsoever.
They are no more, no less what is known in jurisprudence as a brutum fulmen, a “useless thunderbolt” … i.e., high class buffoonery … obscene tokenism.
What would have been meaningful indeed would have been to take out Assad’s means of delivery, i.e., airstrips, aircraft and aviation fuel.
This would have been simple enough. There are just six (6) such sites. All could have been taken out in a matter of hours with no risk to civilians.
As it so happens, in this buffoonery equation, it was not possible for the allies to take out all his chemical weapons storage sites as some are too close to civilian habitation … yet we have flag waving and crowing about the strikes with the Trump trumpeting “Mission Accomplished”.
It was no more, no less, “Pantomime Accomplished”.
It has achieved nothing whatsoever.
Here we see the supreme arrogance, dishonesty and duplicity of governments.
There was never any intention to do anything meaningful about Assad. That is why President Obama, of all leaders, declined to do anything even after Assad crossed the so-called “red line” the first time.
Hypocrisy was embedded with leaders routinely referencing Obama as a "wussy" whereas they all know that they would have done the same.
The last time Assad committed this type of genocide the British Parliament voted to do nothing.Then citizen Trump repeatedly exhorted then President Obama to leave Asad alone.
The reason why the free world will do nothing about Assad is simple. There is no readily identifiable alternative to Assad as Syria is made up of a huge mishmash of tribes and ethnic groups and God alone knows what would happen if Assad were removed. 

If Assad were to lauch another chemical attack tomorrow what will these bright sparks do??? What will they do?
What they will do is absolutely predictable.
They will froth at the mouth, have hissy fits, and fanny wobbles, bellow, scream and grunt before launching another meaningless "attack" that will change nothing.

The understandable perception of our leaders, in the free world, is that Assad’s removal will result in an even more humungous headache than Iraq and Lybia.
This has always been the big "elephant in the room" for free world leaders.
Now why do they not just say so, instead of all this buffoonery?
It is all hypocrisy.
It is all grandstanding.
It is all showboating.

In a nutshell: -
To our leaders removing despotic tyrants like Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti of Iraq, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi of Lybia, and Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria, in the course of freeing human being, leads to "political instability".
Political Stability is more precious than the chance of freedom.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Zain Haroon Greenland … My Brother

Zain was my elder brother, 2nd born of four boys. He was of good stature, lithe and very good looking, with classic facial bone structure.
One morning late Gus Evans, late Waldo Payne and I, were leaving a Hotel in Bulawayo when we were confronted by two brothers. They accused us of having no manners for not having moved off the pavement to let them pass. As much as they were certainly not bigger than us, and appreciably smaller than Waldo, they assured us that we were in for a good “ up” to teach us manners.
Personally I was game and relished the prospect of teaching THEM some manners … until someone in a gathering crowd called out that these were the “Bell brothers”. My heart sank to my shoes.
The Bell brothers were the kings of physical violence in Skies (Bulawayo) and I became decidedly unenthusiastic about taking them on, even though we outnumbered them
The three us us looked at each other in bewilderment. I told the Bell brothers to wait a moment while I took Waldo and Gus to one side to impart to them a plan that I had learnt from my eldest brother, Frank Joseph Leith, about how to win in such a situation.
It was just then that someone in the crowd called out “Zain se boet”, Afrikaans for “Zain’s brother”, referring to me.
What then happened was truly surreal. The Bell brothers vanished.  The infamous masters of violence disappeared like magic. They had simply vanished.
Later on wonderful fishing trips, I did with Gus, he would have us in stitches, cheek and stomach muscles cramping with laughter,  around our campfire, recounting how the terrible Bell brothers skirmished like bats out of Hell … because of those magic words “Zain se boet”. 
He would go on and on about this while cooking us a "traditional chicken" that he always insisted he buy at one of the indigenous villages en route. "So if there is a lion ..." he would say "there in front of you ... just say Zain se boet .... "
I was able to explain to Gus why the brothers had skirmished.
I think that it was Mina Cassim, Zain’s dancing partner, who had given me a piece of the puzzle by telling me of how the Bell brothers had accosted Zain and threatened to “f him up.”
“Vavie” (it’s my name) she said, “you have never seen anybody so happy, as your brother was … and he asked them who was it that had appointed them as sheriffs of Skies?   Zain’s face was like a child at Xmas getting the toy of his dreams. Vavie, how can anybody be happy to see the Bell brothers?
But your brother was thrilled .. with his green eyes shining like stars.
He invited them to “come to Papa ... come to Papa”, beckoning with inviting fingers … and then gave the Bell brothers the hiding of their lives … with one of them flying through the window like in a cowboy movie”.
Earlier, when we were teenagers, Zain and I were accosted in the dormitory of Moffat Primary School by a gang of six (6). When I tried to stand with my brother he dug his knuckle into the side of my head and asked me if I also “wanted some”.
He was so happy to take on the gang on his own … eyes blazing with joy and excitement, while he invited them to “come to Papa”.
In the end all six lads retreated sporting various hematoma such as black eyes, swollen ears and bloody noses.
Roger Green Thompson will be able to confirm this incident.
So my brother was a fighter of note. He loved it. No amount of counseling by our Mum, Uncle Dick Williams, the Parish priest, and many other elders, could get him to relent.
He had this need to fight … and never lost a fight except that in the end he was set upon by a gang, while inebriated, who then ran him over three times with their vehicle. He was in a coma for over a week. He never really recovered from the injuries.
Because of professional expertise I later mustered, I was able to work out why my brother was that way.
You see his first and true love(s) were being suppressed. He absolutely loved dancing; I mean proper dancing. Nobody could dance like Zain.  He also loved opera singing … theater … and cooking … the very things that most of us Goffals more or less despised with a passion. To us this was all sissy stuff.
It was impossible to reconcile his love of “high culture” and his love of fist fights.

So, in his heart ... in his psyche, he was an extremely cultured human being. 
In a normal society Zain would have been able to find and give expression to those things he loved most. But his was racist Rhodesia. As Coloureds, we were under oppression. There was no chance for us to be our true selves.

Oppression induces frustration. Frustration induces violence. As a great teacher, Richard Joseph Brown, would say … “Violence is the last resort of a frustrated mind”.
I am mad that my brother never had a real chance in life.
At heart he was an exceptionally cultured, gifted human being. However he was denied any opportunity to be his real self.

Zains's need to fight was him acting out terrible frustration that he could not be who he really was.

I now know that my brother was an aristocrat at heart resenting his enslavement.
I know how talented he was about anything he applied himself to. When the Barham Green Swimming Pool was opened we were treated to swimming lessons by visiting Whites. Zain then challenged them to a race on each stroke and dive, that he had just learnt, and beat them soundly.

Rest in peace my brother. I hope you, Gus and Waldo see this and have a good laugh about those terrible Bell brothers.
When it is my turn I hope the three of you will also be there with Frank, David and Nicholas John … and if Lucifer tries to get me I know that he is gonna hear those words … “Come To Papa”.
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