Saturday, September 26, 2020

America ... if you Vote Wrong ...

this will then be the match-up.

Your man, and your great country, will be whitewashed.
Trump sees America as a ship like the Titanic ... the biggest, most ostentatious, most pretentious and most powerful of all ships.
He thinks, imagines and supposes that because it is the biggest, most ostentatious, most pretentious and most powerful of all ships, it will sail, under his captainship, into a situation of Dominance over all others.
He also sees himself as a White version of Mohamed Ali, beautiful to look at, prancing about proclaiming "I am the greatest ... I am King of the World".
The only similarity been the two is that they were both draft dodgers. However Ali did it on principle. Trump did it out of craven cowardice.
The difference between Trump and the Captain of the Titanic is that Trump has actually seen the iceberg. However he sees it as small ... seeing only what is above water.
He Thinks that he can smash it up with his big ship.
So at the United Nations recently he ranted and raved about it, bellowing, grunting and snorting that other Nations should join him in smashing up China ... the iceberg. He mentioned China 11 times.
Xi Jinping, in response, never mentioned Trump or America once ... but called on all Nations to collaborate in defeating the threats that the planet now faces.
Right there the World was treated to the fundamental difference between these two protagonists on the global stage ...
and all leaders at the UN sided with Xi Jinping.
This was so bad ... so degrading for you as Americans. Trump was the fly buzzing around the bum-hole of the buffalo, Xi Jinping.
Understand that this is a foretaste of what the future will be be if Trump is elected. The World will continue its drift away from America to the benefit of expansionist China.
This is guaranteed as Trump has already abdicated America's leadership role.
He has bellowed, grunted and snorted that the whole World is "laughing at ... cheating ... poor America".
He has torn up international agreements and pulled out of international protocols of cooperation.
He is committed to his MAGA ideology that is all about ISOLATIONISM ... PROTECTIONISM and DOMINATION under White Supremacy.
He is bent on taking the the World BACK to pre-1948 when the World signed off on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) after a terrible War and the Holocaust..
He rejects the central commitment of the UDHR that humanity is ONE species, with a common destiny ... common challenges (like Covid-19) ... and a need to join hands as ONE species.
This attitude has already cost America dearly in terms of lives lost, and persons infected, as a result of his criminally incompetent and irresponsible response to Covid-19.
So Trump has abdicated America's leadership role in the World with his highly transactional and bully-boy operational culture and mode.
He has opened the door wide for EXPANSIONIST China to walk through.
His huge powerful ship has already hit the China iceberg.
China has already more or less captured the most resourced continent that is Africa. Other 3rd and 2nd World countries will coalesce around an ever increasing "China grouping" as this will serve their economic needs cost-effectively. There is just no way that America can compete with China as regards commerce; and advantageous trade is the foundation on which Nations form relationships.
So America ... understand what you will be voting for if you elect this narcissistic pig-headed bully-boy.
Your ship will be alone in increasingly choppy seas ... sinking slowly but surely ... because it has already hit the iceberg.
The other ships of the World will come together ... to maintain a course that humanity set itself in 1948.
So when you vote ... think ... think ... think ... that, just for a start, he was outsmarted by the Chubby One from North Korea, after all the photo-ops and grandstanding.
Understand that Trump and China have the same objective, i.e., domination.
However Xi Jinping's strategy is that of a Chess Grandmaster and Trump's approach is that of Attila The Hun in buffoon mode.
The days of "might is right" and native nationalist tribalism are long gone.

Friday, July 10, 2020

So so-called "Backs" cannot be racist??

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You are kidding . Right?
Our Black brethren never cease to lament, condemn and cry about the colonialists.
They even mounted an attack on the statue of Cecil John Rhodes and scored a massive victory using the hitherto unknown weapons of human excrement and urine.
I have lived in 4 countries in this region. SA Blacks proved to be the most racist and xenophobic of all ethnic groups.
Namibia and Botswana were havens of brotherly love, respect and acceptance of difference.
The problem is that SA has an exact mirror image of the apartheid model as its reform model, with only the colour coding reversed. Ten (10) years ago I lamented this "racial" model and predicted that it would psychologically proposition our Black brethren into being racist. I was right !!! 100% right !!!!
A glaring example is that far more humans were killed and brutalized in the so-called "xeno violence" than were killed and brutalized at Sharpeville by Whites.
The latter is rightly commemorated as having been a racist pogrom but the Xeno pogrom is treated as a non-event because it was done by Backs.
This is 100% racist.
So now we have Africans being treated as vermin, in a saga involving drivers, because the colonial border makes them "foreigners" ...
and, just like the colonialists our Black brethren brutalize them in the cause of advantage seeking ...
but we say that the colonialists were mindless, heartless, bigoted racists ...
but excuse ourselves ... because of a border created by those very same terrible colonialists??????🤢🤢😡😡 ...
and we have a President who told D J Trump that there were no killings of Whites on farms and smallholdings???
To this we can add that Coloured folk are by law and policy "politically" defined as "Black". Then Chief government Spokesmen gave the lie to the climate of racist hypocrisy when he insisted that Coloured folk should get the hell out of the Western Cape in which they are the majority and almost sole descendants of the original Khoisan inhabitants.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Pretoria High Court’s Judgement on the Anti-Tobacco Ban

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The Court has given its ruling, finding against the Applicants.
At the heart of its ruling was acceptance of the propositions that:-
a) smoking was not an “ essential activity”; AND
b) it was not wrong to think, imagine or suppose that imposing the ban was a good measure in the fight against Coronavirus-19.
The Court was right on both of these counts.
It was right in recognising that these two propositions were there to be weighed up in the scales of justice and in making these findings about them.
The question that arises … and it is a very big question … is whether or not the Court saw and appreciated what was ALSO in the scales …
on the other side …
in competition with these propositions??
In figurative speech this was a case of virus versus virus.
The one virus was/is Covid-19. The other was/is the multi-headed virus of Anomie.
Anomie is the noun used by social scientists and Criminologists to describe a condition of “social norm disorder … general culture of deviance … lawlessness”.
Did the Judges understand that South Africa has long since been chronically infected with this, across the board, vertically and horizontally?
For the last 20 or so years Carte Blanche has valiantly confirmed this to us week in, week out.
It seems impossible to conclude that the Judges were not aware of this.
In terms thereof (Anomie) it was always the case that:-
a) people were going to continue to smoke;
b) sourcing cigarettes from organised crime;
c) in defiance of government, authority and the law;
d) with government being divested of Rand billions in tax revenue to the benefit of organised crime;
e) with millions of our people, living in wretched poverty, thereby divested of being able to receive assistance from our cash strapped government;
f) thereby organically breaching a Constitutionally imposed duty to redress the socio-economic injustices that are an apartheid legacy.
Jurisprudentially this was/is not “rocket science”. It is 2nd Year Law.
Criminology is blindingly clear on this. It draws on the lessons learned as a consequence of America’s period of Prohibition. As a direct consequence of America banning alcohol consumption it became inflicted with the likes of Al Capone and organised crime that has become irrevocably embedded.
So, it is now universally accepted that a government does not make laws that its citizens are going to disrespect, resist and breach. Making such laws guarantees otherwise law-abiding citizens disrespecting government, authority, and the law.
That is exactly what has happened and is happening as confirmed by investigative reports and non other than the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele.
Anomie, that is a pathological affliction of this country from the days of apartheid is being given a huge boost … no question whatsoever!!
In terms of an objective test, it appears obvious that Covid-19 was used as an opportunity to ban smoking …
even though no country other than Bhutan has ever done this because of the dictates of Criminology forged in the fires of Prohibition.
This can be seen as an example of Crusader Syndrome.
The Judges have come out in support of this, even though, jurisprudentially crusading and its twin brother, vigilantism, are accepted as inherently dangerous to law, justice and the public interest.
That a smoking ban is, at best, marginally effective against Covid-19 scientifically, has been submerged by crusade enthusiasm.
In simple terms Covid-19 remains largely unaffected while Anomie achieves a Huge Boost.
That Superior Court Judges appear to be comfortable with this, is worrisome indeed.
With respect, In effect this amounts to promoting a functionally corrupt State.
Again with respect, at best/worst the Court has failed to understand that the "road to Hell is indeed paved with good intentions".
This judgement should be appealed as an Appeal Court will not be able to dispute one syllable of the statements I have made as regards Anomie.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

To our regional Governments ... There was a time

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature, possible text that says 'What are you crying about? Crying about colonialism? Without colonialism these these beautiful animals would have still been in the majority. cng'

… a time when we were at peace and in harmony with the world we found ourselves in, as hard as it was.
We were one group of the species known as mammals that are social by nature, live in groups, communicate and take no more than is needed.
Like all the other groups, we were in a struggle for survival, wanting no more, no less … than to be allowed to live in peace, raise our families and flourish.
However, on this score we were by no means dominant.
Physically we were no match for certain other mammals, such as the lion, the leopard, the crocodile, the buffalo and that magnificent giant, the elephant.
What is more we had the least resistance to the tiny mosquito that kept our numbers down to such an extent that only one of three of our babies ever survived.
Given these realities we were not infused with self-serving arrogance and disdain for other creatures or other humans.
Then something happened … something happened … something happened … that changed everything.
The White man arrived.
He arrived with a culture of dominance … dominance over all other creatures that our region was so blessed with … and dominance over us.
Today we classify this attitude as arrogance … ignorant arrogance.
Ignorant, because it fails to accept that every living creature, including humans, are all part of a grand mosaic of nature, each with its own unique attributes and gifts, a full understanding of which we have yet to attain.
Just as an example, we should know that, despite our big brain and ten fingers, we can never weave a nest that the tiny weaver bird weaves with its tiny brain and beak. We have no understanding how that same bird will forecast high rainfall and therefore build its nest higher.
The White man of that time was the oppressor and we were the oppressed.
And then the White man relinquished his dominance over us.
But, on doing so, he bestowed on us three incredible things –
a) Borders that gave us countries that we never had before.
b) Protection against the hitherto mighty mosquito.
c) A gun which reversed the physical disadvantage we previously suffered as against many other mammals.
d) Alas, what we also appear to have assimilated is the ignorant arrogance that the White man then had when he had us under subjugation and oppression.
So today many of us, not all, act out this ignorant arrogance.
Because of the advantages that we were given we are now claiming far more than we had … and grabbing more and more territory that used to be the habitat of the other mammals in our region.
We do this on a new-found attitude that other creatures have no rights; only us.
Ours is now a culture of self-serving dominance to the loss and prejudice of all others.
We don’t care that other mammals are social creatures, live in family groupings, communicate, have feelings and also experience being traumatized.
We don’t care that, like us, they are also in a struggle for survival.
Just as the proboscis of the tiny mosquito once made it “the boss”, the gun that we were given now makes us the boss … a selfish cruel boss.
We have become so ignorant that we are prepared to even allow other mammals to be killed “for fun” in terms of a deviant sport called “hunting”.
We forget that our very own kith-and-kin, the Khoisan were also once hunted and shot ...
"just for fun".
We are so blinded by our arrogance that we cannot see that anybody who “enjoys” killing is a pervert.
But we do this for money … something else the White man introduced us to.
Please share far and wide?????
Sent to all the big media houses in the region.
Not one has printed it. 😳😵😨😠

Monday, October 14, 2019

Facebook ... The Hypocritical Arrogance of Big Business

I made a comment on Facebook that - "The Saudis are murderous swines".
For that Facebook rightly imposed a sanction, correctly stating that the comment constituted "hate speech" and banned me for a period of 48 hours.

After serving the ban I posted an unreserved apology to the "good people of Saudi"  and stated that I accepted that the comment, in its blanket format, constituted hate speech.

However I added that it was the Saudi regime that I had in mind when I posted the comment as this regime was, inter alia, responsible for -
persecution of women;
bombing children; and
the diabolical murder of a journalist ...
 who was butchered with his body being bagged and disposed off  to an unknown locality which was horrendous for his family given, in particular, their religious imperatives as regards burial.

I also added that my comment had been unfair to pigs as this breed had never indulged in such conduct.

For this apology Facebook banned me for Seven (7) days without stipulating in what way my apology had violated its Community Standards.
I submitted a detailed query pointing out the facts and merits herein. The ban was maintained without any explanatory response.

Not ONE Community Standard had been violated by my apology. !!!!

The inescapable assumption is that Zuckerberg & Co took exception to my accusatorial statement about the Saudi regime as augmented by the accompanying image, shown above herein.

This reaction by Zuckerberg & Co. is mind boggling in view of the fact  that no reasonable person would take exception to my apology or the accompanying image.
There is nothing graphically disturbing about the image.
The statements made about the Saudi regime are matters of fact, widely reported on and supported by innumerable international agencies of repute.

I should mention that on occasion I have reported content to Facebook that posited current "Whites" in the Southern African region, as greedy racist bigots, on account of the conduct of their ancestors.
Facebook has always responded by thanking me but opining that these blanket condemnations and labeling  of White humans, who are not responsible for the conduct of their ancestors, was NOT a violation of Community Standards !!!???

The inescapable inference must be that Zuckerberg & Co have an inhouse policy sensitivity about anything being posted that posits the Saudi regime in a bad light, even if 100% true ...
while it publicly takes an opposite stance.
There can be no other inference as the only persons who could be offended by my apology are members of that regime.
Hypocrisy is all too apparent.

Whichever way one assesses this saga it is clear that there is an arrogance underpinning Facebook's reaction, particularly the complete absence of any explanation for the seven (7) day ban.
It is the arrogance of Big Business.
Since Facebook has billions of subscribers it does not care about treating one subscriber with arbitrary summary contempt.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Robert Gabriel Mugabe … and Whites … especially American Whites

Mugabe was educated by Whites … very, very good Whites … Roman Catholic Priests of the Jesuit Order. In the result he was exceptionally well educated and later amassed more Degrees than a thermometer.
In his early adult life, Mugabe was a great voice of truth, reason and justice. This carried through to the first 3 years as President of Zimbabwe, a country taking its first steps as a country coming out of systemic oppression and a bloody war.  His was a voice of peace and reconciliation as a new united nation.
Symptomatic of his operational mode and culture was that he appointed General Peter Walls, who had served the Rhodesian Government as Commander of the anti-liberation forces, as the country’s first Army Commander.
All this was to change once he was complicit in the Ndebele Genocide, known as Gukurahundi. From that point Zimbabwe became a de facto military State, with Mugabe its tyrannical leader, until his demise on account of the very monster he had husbanded.
He would routinely seek to justify his tyranny with strident rhetoric.
This included him scolding Whites that they should not pontificate and lecture Africans (Blacks) as regards codes of behavior and how to rule.
He charged Whites with being hypocritical. In his indictment they had no right to tell Blacks how to behave as they were worse.
Was he right … was he right wholly or in part?  That is the question?
By Whites we mean, and he meant, the general group of Caucasians that comprise what is referred to as the “Western or Free World”.
They are the group that achieved advancement, as members of the human race, to a level where they more-or-less overran the whole planet, including colonizing and subjugating Africans.
Upon abandoning the oppression and subjugation of Africans, these members of the “Free world”, the “Western World”, have routinely insisted, pleaded, begged, advised, lectured … African leaders to emulate their operational mode, culture and conduct in order to embed “sacred” principles of democracy.
These pleas, lectures and advice from White Western leaders have largely fallen on deaf African ears, as Africa continues to present as a litany of failure … with coups … famine … human rights abuse … and even genocide being something of routine occurrence in Africa.
So was Mugabe right? Was he right in contending that Whites are just as bad … or even worse??
We will know the answer to this in 2020 when Americans vote in their Presidential elections.
a)       You see America has Whites as its dominant group. Those Whites are made up of a huge representation of the various Caucasian groups that comprise “Whites” since it is indeed a
nation of Immigrants” … White immigrants.  
b)      It is the country that has emerged as the most advanced, most powerful and most influential and dominant.
c)       Given the above, it has also presented as the “Leader of The Free World”.
d)      Now it is challenged in a very, very fundamental way, that can be usefully dubbed “Trumpism” ... of which such conduct is pretty typical
e)      Trumpism is where –
i)                    The President presents as a criminal sexual deviant or pervert and this does not matter.
ii)                   Where the President is the biggest recorded liar in history and it does not matter.
iii)                 Where the President rebukes, condemns and repudiates all of America’s intelligence agencies and this does not matter with this type of support now fairly routine. 
iv)                 Where the President demands, expects and wallows in personal aggrandizement and this is accepted as a norm.
v)                   Where the President considers himself as above the law and unaccountable and this is the norm.
vi)                 Where the President is in a love fest with the principle megalomaniacs on the planet like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jon Un, Rodrigo Duterte, Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi, Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud… and skunks like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage … and members of the bigoted Alt-Right groups … and this is accepted.
vii)               Where the President openly equates the actions of bigoted Neo-Nazis with those in opposition and this is accepted.
viii)              Where the President openly indulges in a pernicious bigoted racist attack on four (4) Congresswomen, demanding that they leave the country, and this is tolerated ... with Republican support for him rising as a result of his racism.
ix)               Where a President tears up nearly all international agreements and embarks on bully-boy “America-First” operational mode and culture.
x)         Where the President now threatens a whistle-blower, whose actions are actually protected by law, and posits that citizen as guilty of treason, punishable by execution … and this is accepted.
xi)       And as regards the way the Dotard (Trump) speaks.  

xii)      Where the President routinely scapegoats "migrants: as being a terrible threat to America while doing absolutely nothing about the reality that over 100,000 Americans are killed, maimed, robbed and raped at gunpoint every year by other Americans.

xiii)     Trump/s operational mode and culture has so many attributes of fascism and/or that of a tinpot dictator.
f)       And what we see is ---
      Millions of Whites, referenced as “Trump’s Base”, enthusiastically supporting this President in all the above listed abrogation, repudiation and trampling on America’s professed values and behavioral codes.
g)      And what we see is ---
       Most members of the Republican Party, especially its leaders, acquiescing, conniving, colluding and actually supporting this dangerous buffoon of a President in his actions and shenanigans.
Good example.
The Great US of A is in its most disgraceful period since the era of slavery … and … millions of Whites don’t care … and actually support this heinous state of national affairs.
Republican leaders and followers don’t care that that the Party of Lincoln and Reagan has been hijacked by Trumpism.

So, on the hard evidence to-date, it has to be conceded, on an objective test, that Robert Gabriel Mugabe may well have been right about Whites.
His stance will be DISPROVED OR CONFIRMED in 2020 when America’s Whites vote in the Presidential election.
Then we will know.

The pic includes Jim Jordan ...
and Kellyanne Conway on "alternative facts" ...
Sarah Huckabee Sanders ...
with Lindsey Graham presenting as the leading now typical Republican leader, spineless and hypocritical to the core.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dominance ... the Proof of Ignorance

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We can define ignorance as not understanding that ADVANTAGE does not equate to ADVANCEMENT.
You see mankind has been on a journey of Advancement from the time he arrived on this planet. He was able to do this because he is blessed with the gift of Reason as the species known as homo sapiens.
Note that he started off in a cave ... huddled together ... apprehensive about everything out there. From the moment someone introduced the use of fire he gained an Advantage. From the moment he invented the spear and the knobkerrie, he gained an Advantage.
Eventually he invented the gun ... and secured a huge advantage.
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