Monday, March 14, 2016

J’accuse … of cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment

… and I find you guilty.
Today I happened to visit an animal and bird “sanctuary” in Pretoria, that is very well patronized by us humans.
It was one of the most revolting experiences of my life, and I forced my family to leave early. I felt so much revulsion. An unbearable aching from deep inside overwhelmed me.
On display were huge samples of some of the most beautiful creatures that this planet is blessed with, ranging from the jaguar … European deer … South American Macaw … vulturine guinea fowl … and any number of our bird species ...... all caged up … cruelly caged up.
By exactly what process of reasoning do we, as the species known as homo sapiens, think, imagine or suppose that there is anything good about having a jaguar in a cage??? Exactly how sick are we between the ears??
For goodness sake, it is over 60 years since we had advanced to the point of being able to put humans on the moon and yet we are still so diabolically ignorant and inhumane about other creatures.
A jaguar is a powerfully built animal precisely because it was intended by nature, or God, that it spend its life using that power to roam vast distances, hunt and exercise all its incredible senses in the business of being alive and survival. Is that NOT obvious?? 
Is it not obvious that birds were designed by nature, or God, to fly … and fly … and fly freely … high … low … everywhere and anywhere that involves the natural life of a bird???
By what process of reasoning did we arrive at the conclusion that these creatures need to be caged up instead.???
Do we … can we … really NOT see that this is gratuitous cruelty of diabolical proportions???
Exactly what satisfaction is there in seeing other creatures in situations of suffering? 
On what basis do we accord ourselves the right to do this to fellow inhabitants of this planet??
These are all questions that are very, very obvious … but we are either not asking them or we just don’t care. We don’t care because these creatures cannot defend themselves against us.
Nature, or God, gave us more intelligence and we show our appreciation by exercising power over other creatures, capriciously and with diabolical cruelty.
To us might is right. We are infused with a bully boy mentality of truly evil proportions. We are an evil species. We are like a deadly virus on this planet, slowly but surely ensuring the misery and extermination of other species.
Yet we talk about justice. Daily we froth at the mouth, moan, whine, whinge and cry about injustice. We demand justice for ourselves … but deny it to other creatures.
We deny other creatures justice and then cannot understand why we deny each other justice. .The reason why there is so much injustice between man and man on this planet is because we don't have a sense of justice. At the very least it is deeply flawed.
We call ourselves civilized. Civilization is a matter of enlightened standards of conduct and consciousness. What standards of conduct and consciousness are we into here? We are as uncivilized as ever.
It is my hope and prayer that nature, or God, intervenes sooner rather than later. There was time when the creatures on this planet existed in reasonable natural balance. Animals abounded. Great herds roamed freely across vast plains and in huge forests. Most species were thriving in accordance with the dictates of nature.
Today man has grabbed it all for himself, forcing most other species out to inevitable extinction after cruel reduction to their quality of life.
It is time for nature, or God, to intervene.
I am accusing man, you, yes you, of being guilty of mindless, gratuitous cruelty to other creatures.
There is no doubt that man, and you, are guilty as charged.
What is needed is the extermination of man, including you, to the point that other creatures can once again be free.
Saturday, March 12, 2016

PS: 02 May 2016 - We now have a seemingly positive relocation of lions back to South Africa and this is to be applauded.
However we need to be vigilant as there is a corrupt incestuous relationship between the SA government and the canned lion industry.

PPS: 08 May 2016 --- I am in tears of joy watching a program on Carte Blanche of 33 lions that have spent their lives in cruel captivity,being released to the Emoya Lion sanctuary started by a wonderful young woman. 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there are inferences that can be made as to why humans have become as they are from the mouse utopia experiments of John Calhoun. His theory on 'behavioural sink' is particularly interesting.

I would suggest that it is because the industrial and technological revolution, that enabled us to put a man on the moon, that we have become "diabolically ignorant and inhumane about other creatures".

In fact when I think of it that way I cannot help but wonder whether the third world countries like Zimbabwe, run on tribal lines with no regard for human rights and little understanding of inflation based economics and no ability to delay gratification, is not the more sustainable option for mankind and nature as a whole.

Could it be that all our apparent knowledge, progress and enlightenment is nothing more than a trap for the stupid..? The world is definitely not a better place because of it and we persevere...

You might find these 8 short videos very interesting - they certainly changed my perception of what we need to do to save this planet.

Chris N Greenland said...

Thank you for the interesting and thought provoking comment.
The bottom line is that our current approach to the planet and its creatures is simply unsustainable .. .first as regards other creatures and ultimately as regards our species.
We know this.
But we continue the madness.
That is why I contend that nature needs to hit back and remove most human beings.
Thank you for the links.

Alice said...

May be a virus will do the job. But HIV is not fast enough and Ebola was stopped by medical science. When I was born there were less then 2.5 billion people in this world. Sixty + years later there are 7.4 billion people. This is nature out of control.

Chris N Greenland said...

Thank you Alice.
The planet and all its creatures,including man,is at huge risk for the simple but resolutive reason that the current rapacious culture is unsustainable in the longer term.
All sentient human beings know this but it appears to be under-reported. One must suppose that scientists, as leaders on such an issue,have decided to make climate change the fulcrum of all concerns about the future surviveability of mankind, in the hope that a more responsible culture on this aspect will organically induce a more responsible attitude and culture all round.
Alas the probabilitieas are against such a proposition as a solution. Climate change is going to induce an even more selfish operational mode and culture as man feels threatened and stressed about survival. As a "cornered rat" syndrome kicks in man will care even less about other creatures.
No ... a natural virus is needed to wipe out man as a species to the point that other cretaures have a real chance at survival.

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