Saturday, April 14, 2018

Syria Air Strikes …. Supreme Buffoonery.

Yes, the allied air strikes (Britain, France and America) were indeed buffoonery because, on a simple sentient analysis of the history and facts, you have to conclude that, when all is said and done, it was worth the candle for Assad.
This is because he actually has lost very little in exchange for having used chemicals to break the back of the freedom fighters and score a decisive victory in defeating the war for liberation.  The “rebels” surrendered within six (6) hours of Assad’s diabolical chemical strike.
Now losing “some” chemical storage sites is a price that he would gladly pay if the clock were reversed. His status as the winner in the war remains completely secure.
You see the primary reason/justification for these allied air strikes is “deterrence”, i.e., it is claimed, with much fanfare, that Assad now stands “deterred” from using chemical weapons again.

It is a sick joke, a VERY sick joke.
The sickness started with Donald Trump’s strike on an unoccupied airstrip, using all of 85 cruise missiles, the last time Assad did this. That was the start of crass buffoonery.
As predicted by most sentient observers, it did not deter Assad from doing it again, if he needed to in order to win. So, he did it again.
Now he does not have to do it again … because he has won.
So, these allied airstrikes have changed nothing, nothing whatsoever.
They are no more, no less what is known in jurisprudence as a brutum fulmen, a “useless thunderbolt” … i.e., high class buffoonery … obscene tokenism.
What would have been meaningful indeed would have been to take out Assad’s means of delivery, i.e., airstrips, aircraft and aviation fuel.
This would have been simple enough. There are just six (6) such sites. All could have been taken out in a matter of hours with no risk to civilians.
As it so happens, in this buffoonery equation, it was not possible for the allies to take out all his chemical weapons storage sites as some are too close to civilian habitation … yet we have flag waving and crowing about the strikes with the Trump trumpeting “Mission Accomplished”.
It was no more, no less, “Pantomime Accomplished”.
It has achieved nothing whatsoever.
Here we see the supreme arrogance, dishonesty and duplicity of governments.
There was never any intention to do anything meaningful about Assad. That is why President Obama, of all leaders, declined to do anything even after Assad crossed the so-called “red line” the first time.
Hypocrisy was embedded with leaders routinely referencing Obama as a "wussy" whereas they all know that they would have done the same.
The last time Assad committed this type of genocide the British Parliament voted to do nothing.Then citizen Trump repeatedly exhorted then President Obama to leave Asad alone.
The reason why the free world will do nothing about Assad is simple. There is no readily identifiable alternative to Assad as Syria is made up of a huge mishmash of tribes and ethnic groups and God alone knows what would happen if Assad were removed. 

If Assad were to lauch another chemical attack tomorrow what will these bright sparks do??? What will they do?
What they will do is absolutely predictable.
They will froth at the mouth, have hissy fits, and fanny wobbles, bellow, scream and grunt before launching another meaningless "attack" that will change nothing.

The understandable perception of our leaders, in the free world, is that Assad’s removal will result in an even more humungous headache than Iraq and Lybia.
This has always been the big "elephant in the room" for free world leaders.
Now why do they not just say so, instead of all this buffoonery?
It is all hypocrisy.
It is all grandstanding.
It is all showboating.

In a nutshell: -
To our leaders removing despotic tyrants like Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti of Iraq, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi of Lybia, and Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria, in the course of freeing human being, leads to "political instability".
Political Stability is more precious than the chance of freedom.

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