Sunday, May 27, 2018

Abortion ... a black day for mankind

Ireland has just enthusiastically voted to legalize abortion.
There has been much celebration and general approval by Western media, in particular.

The thing is seen as a "victory for women" ... with the question as to over whom is this "victory being
scored as clear as mud.
It appears that women are being "victorious" over the Roman Catholic Church ... Liberals ...  and even "Neo-Liberals" ... and a host of vaguely defined "anti-feminists".

This change apparently ranks with the triumph achieved by the likes of Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragette movement that got women the right to vote.

What is being neatly brushed aside, ignored, glossed over  ... is that this is really a "victory" over human beings at their most indefensible and vulnerable stage of existence.
Woman is the "victor" and the "fetus" is the "vanquished".

Whichever which way you may want to bake it, the reality of the matter is this change gives a woman the right to extinguish human life, no more, no less ... at her sole discretion and convenience. 

Becoming pregnant is not like stubbing your toe, catching a cold or falling off a bicycle. It is not a matter of "bad luck". It involves purposeful sustained commitment to self-gratification with a reckless disregard for the consequences.
It requires very, very little to ensure that pregnancy is avoided given modern technology.

Conversely, an abortion is not akin to taking aspirin for a headache or sticking ointment and plaster on a bruise.
It involves the destruction of a human being in its early stages of development.
Everything that is needed to ensure the development of a human being is present in the "fetus" .... just as everything that is needed for the development of a human being is present in a two-year-old child.
As is the case with most murders, blood is shed.

So you irresponsibly get yourself pregnant and then kill the baby because its existence is an inconvenience to you?
That is it in a nutshell.

Yes there are situations when, because of a change in circumstances, it is no longer possible for you to guarantee the love, protection and support you responsibly consider should be in place for your infant.
The simple answer to that one is that there is no shortage of very responsible human beings that will take your child in with tears of joy.

There is nothing to celebrate here.
It is a black day for mankind.
You cannot celebrate the wholesale slaughter of human life.

What it proves is that, as a species, there is no end to our capacity for violence, depravity and self-serving conduct ... regardless of the consequences to others, the planet and its creatures.
That is why we are steadily destroying the planet and rendering other species extinct.

We don't care.
We will rationalize, obfuscate, excuse, intellectualize the most crass wrongdoing if it serves our selfish purposes.

"It is my body" I hear you say "and as a man, you have no right to preach to me".It is this claim that underpins all the justification for abortion on demand.

My answer to you is that "since you. as the mother are not protecting this human being growing inside you, who is going to do that"?

If there is a God my prayer is that He/She intervenes on behalf of these little ones as a matter of urgency.
Please .. please God visit this abomination with your righteous wrath?

[Note that this post excludes cases of rape and medical emergency]

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