Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Case of the Coloured Correctional Services Officers.

This case is set to be heard on 17th November 2015 by the Constitutional Court.

The facts are simple enough. Seven Correctional Services Officers, of long service, and who had been passed and recommended for promotion are being denied promotion because they are Coloured. The ANC government employer takes the stance that it is "Blacks" that must be promoted so as to ensure that the numerical dominance that "Blacks" have across the rest of the country is also reflected in the Western Cape. So the Employment Equity Act must be used to ensure that dominance, i.e, Coloureds will be forced to move out and "Blacks" will move in to the Western Cape ... and bingo ......

Because it is packaged as "employment equity" most of South Africa is looking the other way, turning a blind eye to this obscene form of regional ethnic cleansing and cultural appropriation because it affects a minority known as Coloureds.

We acquiesce, connive, collude, condone the situation where the ANC seeks to wrest the Western Cape away from its traditional occupants, so as to deprive them of their ancestral home, drive them out and colonize that region with their Nguni tribal support base.
Here we see the tyranny of the majority being played out with brazen aggression.

In reality the Coloured community has an unarguable case for secession.
As the only descendants and successors of original KhoiSan people who inhabited the Western Cape the Coloured community, with the KhoiSan, has first and only claim to this region.
In that event the ANC would be forced to rely on stinky colonialism to justify retention of this region in the grouping of regions (provinces) now known as South Africa ... having wrested the region from White minority rule on the basis that colonialism could NEVER deprive the original inhabitants of their right to self rule, self determination, peaceful and secure habitation.
The regions, now known as "provinces" are a colonial creation. They did not exist before. So the ANC wants to accept this colonial modelling simply because it confers more land to its Nguni power base, which land they never had any claim to historically.

How more hypocritical can the ANC be???

However this is precisely what the ANC now seeks to deprive the Coloured community of.

It is obscene.
It is immoral.
It is diabolical.
It is illegal in terms of international precepts founded on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

However the Coloured community, unlike their Rehoboth cousins in Namibia never did contend for secession. They imagined that because of sacred promises made by Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and our world beating Constituiton they would be allowed to live in peace and harmony on their ancestral land without victimization by others now infused with Black nationalism. But the tyranny of the majority, under the new found flag of Black nationalism seeks to trump Mandela's promises and sacred rights embedded in our Constitution.

The ANC also makes the case that it is "Blacks" that were "previously disadvantaged"  and that it is a constitutional imperative that this be redressed. The contention here is that Coloureds were less disadvantaged than "Blacks".

This may be true as regards the other provinces. However in the Western Cape, Coloureds were disadvantaged from the moment Van Riebeck and gang arrived in that it was their KhoiSan forbears that had their land wrested from them and that thereafter they endured the genocide of their KhoiSan kith and kin over centuries. No Nguni tribes experienced anything approaching this in terms of a victimization test.

The question that now arises is this: -- will our Constitional Court Judges, sworn to uphold that Constitution without fear favour or prejudice, allow the fulfillment of this pernicious ANC agenda and the victimization humans ... of a whole people .. just because they are a minority??

Are these Judges going to agree with Jimmy Manyi that Coloured folk are "overrepresented in their own land, need to move out and be replaced by other humans just because those humans now call themselves "Black?

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