Sunday, June 3, 2018

Zimbabwe … Reality Check

At the time Mugabe was deposed there was much discussion as to whether or not his removal was a coup.
I was interviewed by the media sector. My stance was that his removal was not a coup as he was in complete breach of the Constitution. Having long since repudiated his sacred duties to uphold the Constitution, for the benefit of the people, his removal was indicated on the jurisprudential concept of negotorium gestor, i.e., the military acting as an agent of necessity.
I qualified this stance by stating that if it was simply a case of removing the tyrant but not the tyranny then indeed it was a coup d’état.
Now that time has passed we are in a much better position to resolve the question of coup/no coup?
My view, with great respect, is that this was indeed a coup d’état … because it is now obvious that the tyrant’s co-conspirators in the awful business of oppression have no intention of ensuring that our people will be truly free to elect leaders of our choice in the oncoming elections.

There are two (2) reasons on which I base my stance.
1. Failure to reconcile the past by way of a credible Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
2. Excluding Diaspora voters from the vote.

1.       Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).
There is no doubt whatsoever that our people were under oppression … wall-to-wall oppression ... exerted in any number of known and unknown ways.
The known ways include: -
a) Gukurahundi
b) Operation Murambatsvina 
c) Routine election violence and intimidation
d) Routine police brutality
e) Diabolical machinations by Mugabe’s Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), responsible for innumerable disappearances.
f) Brutalization of human beings on the basis of their ethnicity in the so-called “land reform” land grabs with thousands of innocent Zimbabweans of all races deprived of their livelihoods and homes.
g) The persecution and hounding the media, with truth being a serial casualty on all fronts.
h) … [this list is more or less endless]

These known realities, coupled with unknown realities, ensured that our people were deprived of their freedom(s) on all fronts.

Having been deprived of the freedoms they were, in effect, held hostage by the Mugabe-ZANU-PF regime who could not be effectively challenged on account of its culture of brutality.

That is the fundamental reality that must be understood in all its pernicious aspects.
Unless our people are now brought to a point where they truly accept that they are free to challenge, decide and make choices … they are NOT free.
There has to be a process in terms of which the chains of oppression that were embedded in our collective psyche are broken and removed.
Words and promises alone by members of the very same cabal/regime that enchained us can never remove those chains.
There has to be a process in terms of which members of that cabal/regime are held to full account in a way and process that provides the assurance that they are now divested of the naked power to oppress that they previously enjoyed.
That process can only be a credible Truth and Reconciliation Commission granting indemnity in exchange for the WHOLE TRUTH being divulged.
Not only would this process prove that our people are at last rid of oppression, but it would also deliver the precious commodity of closure.

Human beings who have been traumatized and lost loved ones need closure.

For instance, there are families that need closure as regards the disappearance of three members of our Coloured community at the hands of CIO.

Without a TRC our people remain psychologically captive by the ZANU-PF regime.

2.       Diaspora Vote.
An estimated 3,6 million of our people are now scattered all over the planet, having fled ZANU-PF’s reign of terror and oppression.
Leaving was not an act of desertion.
It was not an act of abandonment.
All of us in the Diaspora are, in effect, refugees.
We did not leave in order to give up, abandon, repudiate our rights and interest in our beloved homeland.
We left in order to escape being held captive by Mugabe and his ZANU-PF regime.
We still have a legitimate interest in our homeland and the fate of our kith and kin still entrapped therein.
There is no logical, moral or ethical reason to divest us of that interest by disenfranchising us.
It is blindingly obvious that the reason for this disenfranchisement is a pernicious ploy by the ZANU-PF regime to ensure that the electorate remains captive so as to ensure that its possible removal by democratic process is averted. Blocking out our people in the Diaspora provides added insurance for the ZANU-PF regime.

To simplify something that is psychologically complex -- our people suffer a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, in terms of which they "appreciate" rule by ZANU-PF as "normal", even though it was somewhat diabolical.

We all need to understand, acknowledge and respect the lesson that was Thabo Mbeki's Government of National Unity ("GNU").
The GNU was a capricious model of political expediency designed to prevent accountability and cover up diabolical wrongdoing in the past.
The outcome was continued denial of freedom with an even more emboldened cabal at the top.

3.       The way Forward
Parliament needs to meet to amend the Constitution to postpone the elections so as to ensure the implementation of 1 and 2 above, after which elections can be conducted.

4.       Comment
In the absence of the above the elections can be no more that a lottery in terms of which our people will vote under the psychological burden of carrying the effects of three decades of oppression in the hearts, minds and spirit.
Our leaders who participate in such elections will be acting irresponsibly, on account of self-interest, with a shameful disregard for the pernicious betrayal that will be at play.

5. PS: on 23 June 2018 President Emmerson Mnangagwa narrowly escapes a bomb attempt in which his two Vice Presidents are injured.
This completely vindicates what I have set out above that our people NEED RECONCILIATION with the past.
The bomb attempt is the surest proof that currently there is no such reconciliation.


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