Wednesday, June 13, 2018

If Satan were to appear tomorrow ….?

Humans are inherently susceptible to being fickle, selfish and stupid …
and this has been proved time and time again throughout history.
So it was the majority that screamed “we want Barabbas …” and “crucify Him … crucify Him …”.
It was all of the populace that cheered when Christians were being fed to lions in the Colosseum.
  • Vladimir Putin of Russia enjoys huge popular support despite obvious indications that he is a murderous thug. 
  • Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines also enjoys over 70% popularity despite that fact that he is an admitted murderous thug. 
  • Adolph Hitler rose to an unquestionable level of murderous, despotic, tyrannical power. 
  • So too as regards Idi Amin of Uganda who was receiving standing ovations at the United Nations just

months before he was righty deposed by outside intervention.
  • Robert Mugabe was preferred over a peace-loving man of God, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, even though the people of Zimbabwe knew beyond a shadow of doubt that he was a bloodthirsty killer of note.

AS humans we are a species rightly called homo sapiens as we are gifted with the power of reason. This power of reason has given us ascendency and dominance over all other living species on the planet, even though we are at a physical disadvantage on so many counts.
So we are a pretty smart lot … that, for some capricious reason, are prone to being fickle, selfish and downright stupid from time to time.
On the hard evidence it appears clear that if the Devil were to appear tomorrow he would have any number of followers in no time at all. Proof of this is put beyond all doubt when we see the diabolical actions of the human group now known as ISIS. ISIS comprises humans who imagine that their dastardly wicked actions are actually proof of extreme devoutness. They are simply the worst example of most of us on this planet.

WHY?? Why are we prone to behaving like a rabid pack of hyenas?
I am sure that the answer is hugely complex and would occupy our best psychologists at a symposium lasting forever.
However we do have clear evidence of a principal driver of this phenomenon.
The narratives about Hitler, Amin, Mugabe and gang all have a common theme, i.e., positing other human beings as being “we want Barabbas … “and “crucify Him … crucify Him …”.

➢With Hitler it started off with the Jews being the problem. ➢With Amin it was the Asians. ➢With Mugabe it was Whites and Ndebeles. ➢With Nero it was the Christians.
➢ With Rwanda genocide, it was Hutus against the Tutsis.
Once these humans are identified and posited as a problem for the dominant group our otherwise deeply embedded atavistic tendencies are aroused and assume prominence psychologically. A nativist "us and them” culture surfaces and we go into “pack mode”, with reason being the first casualty. 
Remember that we are “social animals” and all social animals are predisposed to acting as a pack. Acting as a pack is a throwback to our earliest form of existence when this was essential to our survival in a world that held so much terror as we peered at it out of our caves.

So it appears clear that there are leaders who are able to trigger this pack instinct in humans to the extent that their power of reason is submerged.

And, as said, a key to this is identifying and positing other human beings as being a problem, threat, nuisance or sub-human or a combination of one or more of these attributes. For instance, slavery was underpinned by the notion of some of us being sub-human. So too as regards the ISIS concept of others being “infidels”.
There can be no doubt that if Satan were to appear tomorrow he would have any number of followers in no time at all as Christians, in particular, would be targeted just as Jesus Chris was targeted when they screamed “we want Barabbas …crucify Him … crucify Him …”.
So we have to conclude that leaders who advocate division, exclusion, isolationism, dominance, protectionism … and point to “others” as being a problem, threat, nuisance or sub-human … are extremely dangerous.
Such leaders, in effect, promote a kind of ideology referred to as nativist nationalism. 
Can we tick these boxes as regards a country:-
a) labeling Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers;
b) identifying Muslims as being a threat to the whole nation;
c) identifying other countries as overreaching, being unfair and cheating the country;
d) identifying even allies as cheating the country;
e) increasing the size of the already most powerful military forces;
f) having a bond with despotic, tyrannical leaders such as Putin, Duterte and Kim Jong Un.
g) positing immigrants and migrants as vermin, to be kept OUT!!!
Right now the most powerful nation on the planet has this affliction in abundance in the personage of its President, supported not only by those identified as the ALT-RIGHT but regrettably by millions of otherwise normal, sentient, reasonable folk like you and me.

Once we allow ourselves to see certain human beings as "others" we have taken the first but sure steps to evil that includes the brutalization of the apartheid regime in South Africa or Hitler's genocidal Holocaust.

Also goto ---

Hitler had his Nazism.  America now has its Trumpism.

Senator Bob Corker, a Republican, has just issued a statement lamenting the fact that the Republican Party appears to have the attributes of being a "Trump Cult".

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I stumbled upon the concept of being "The Other" when I wrote a book about my life story.

Link ===,%20favor%20or%20prejudice.html

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